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Best Jobs for a Degree in Public Safety

Best Jobs for a Degree in Public Safety

Whether it is a threat posed by crime, terrorism, a natural/man-made disaster, or a medical emergency, public safety concerns us all. And those who help plan for and protect us from those threats are public servants of the highest order. Whether you are a rookie looking to start your career or a seasoned professional looking for career advancement, there are many opportunities to start your career in public safety, such as jobs in criminal justice, law enforcement jobs, or public safety administration jobs.

Online Public Safety Degree

Earning a college degree is an investment in your future, and earning a degree in public safety from an accredited university, such as Ottawa University, ensures your education is of the highest quality. If you are interested in jobs in criminal justice, law enforcement jobs, or public safety administration jobs, we have you covered. We even offer two concentrations, Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership, to help you tailor your studies. You can make a difference in the community with a career in public safety.

Law Enforcement Classes

One of the most vital places to utilize a public safety degree is law enforcement. OU’s accelerated, online law enforcement concentration was specifically designed in partnership with law enforcement professionals. Students examine facets of the criminal justice system, learn how to respond to those with warning signs of mental illness, and gain a strong understanding of community policing programs within the following courses.

  • Examination of Criminal Justice
  • Mental Illness Responses and Strategies
  • Policing in Today’s Communities

Law Enforcement Jobs

Earning a degree in higher education is critical for law enforcement jobs. Upon completion of Ottawa University’s online Public Safety degree with a concentration in Law Enforcement, you will gain real-world skills that will allow you to transition quickly into any of these law enforcement jobs.

  • Corrections Officer

Enforces rules, maintains order, and ensures routines are followed at a jail, prison, or another correctional facility. Correctional officers inspect jail cells, supervise inmates during meals and recreational time, and manage conflicts between inmates.

  • Probation Officer

Responsible for ensuring that criminal offenders who are on probation or have been paroled uphold the terms of their sentencing. In addition to supervising and implementing disciplinary action, the probation officer conducts any required drug testing, recommends rehabilitation programs, and monitors the location of any parolees assigned to them.

  • Police Officer

Protects the public and their property, helps prevent crimes, enforces laws and ordinances, apprehends criminals, conducts routine traffic stops, and investigates criminal activity. The police officer’s service can range from friendly assistance to dangerous domestic and criminal clashes.

  • Detective

Uncovers information and researches events surrounding a crime or civil situation to lead to resolution. This often involves collecting and examining evidence, doing surveillance, questioning suspects and witnesses, conducting background checks, uncovering fraud, writing reports, and providing expert witness testimony. They may also work to find missing persons. Detectives can work in a private firm, for a corporation, or as part of a law enforcement agency to help solve crimes, sometimes through undercover operations.

  • Customs Officer

Inspects and monitors a country’s imports and exports to ensure compliance with all customs laws, policies, and procedures. As a branch of law enforcement, customs officers inspect cargo, baggage, and personal articles entering or leaving a country to guard against terrorism, prevent smuggling, and enforce any duty payable on imported goods.

  • Border Patrol Agent

Responsible for securing land borders and coastal waterways between international ports of entry. Border patrol agents use cutting-edge technology to safeguard the country against terrorists, illegal immigration, drug smugglers, illegal weapons, and human trafficking through covert surveillance, tracking, and apprehension of offenders. They may perform their duties through horse patrol, bike patrol, K-9 units, patrol boats, off-road vehicles, or as part of tactical units, mobile response teams, or search/trauma/rescue teams.

Public Safety Leadership Classes

In addition to Law Enforcement, Public Safety Administration is another versatile field of public safety. Ottawa University also offers a Public Safety Leadership Concentration to help you jumpstart your career. Our online program conveniently provides accelerated paths to graduation for a career in public safety. Students in this program examine organizational problem solving, apply governance and leadership theories to current issues, and gain in-depth knowledge of human resources functions as they pertain to the public safety sector throughout the following courses.

  • Public Safety Administration
  • Leadership Issues and the Firstline Supervisor
  • Human Resources for Public Safety

Public Safety Administration Jobs

As a graduate of our Public Safety Leadership concentration, you will have the knowledge and skills to serve and protect our community. You will be ready for competitive, leadership roles. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for the following public safety administration jobs.

  • Police Chief

Plans, directs, manages, and oversees the activities and operations of the Police Department including law enforcement, crime prevention, and crime protection programs. They coordinate assigned activities with other departments and outside agencies. Additionally, they provide highly responsible and complex administrative support to the city manager.

  • Crisis Manager

Develops emergency plans in the public and private sectors according to government regulations. Crisis managers have special training to identify, anticipate, and react to emergencies from fires to security breaches. This usually includes a training plan for workers. Some government agencies focus on crisis management for terrorism, war, or natural disasters.

  • Emergency Management Directors

Works behind the scenes to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or man-made disasters, ensuring seamless coordination of all emergency services. EM managers often work in law enforcement, the military, and state/local government, as well as in the private sector for hospitals, community relief organizations such as the Red Cross, and even schools. EM personnel often coordinate efforts across agencies to develop and implement emergency preparedness plans, including developing and distributing instructional materials and conducting training for the public.

  • Social and Community Service Manager

Coordinates with social service programs and community organizations. They typically prepare and maintain records and reports, such as budgets, personnel records, or training manuals. They supervise employees and develop organizational policies or programs. Social and community service managers work for nonprofit organizations, for-profit social service companies, and government agencies.

Start Serving Today!

Those who have a strong belief in the rule of law and the administration of justice often work toward starting a career in public safety. A degree in public safety allows graduates to defend and protect the rights and safety of others and prepares them for jobs in criminal justice, law enforcement jobs, and public safety administration jobs. If you feel called to serve and protect, Ottawa University’s online degree in Public Safety will put you on the right course and give you the credentials for career advancement. Contact us to get started today!

Posted: 05/26/2022 by OU Online
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