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Inspiration and Hope for Nurses in 2021

Inspiration and Hope for Nurses in 2021

Nurses, are you moving your way out of the black cloud of weariness of the 2020 post-COVID world, or are you finding that it wants to tag along with you as 2021 goes on into the bright days of the spring and early summer seasons?

Knowledge is Power

The old adage, knowledge is power, often refers to the personal and collective power made possible when access to the hidden knowledge needed to chart a path or direction is gained. As a nurse and mental health therapist, I understand how this adage can be applied to increase our awareness of the new factors involved in a career in nursing. While it may be a troubling situation, nursing self-reflection completes the picture, brings an “ah ha” moment, and even a sense of empowerment.

Perhaps the new information or the knowledge gained from nursing self-reflection brings peace. Maybe a sense of empowerment is derived from a release of self or others from responsibility or guilt with the new information. In any event, this is a time if ever there was, for a new perspective among our nation’s beleaguered band of nurses. I propose that the new perspective be one that inspires hope and a new outlook for the future. However, I pray that whatever new perspective and path is gained, it does not lead anywhere outside of nursing. There is hope for a brighter future within nursing.

Personal Mission

With that introduction, I would like to share with you a personal, goal-directed mission statement, using a series of “P” words, which I developed during my life’s work in nursing academia, something I call “Ruth’s P’s:

“I inspire and facilitate others to find their Purpose, Passion, and Plan, and then Prepare → Progressive Power, Production, Perseverance, Profit, and Promotion, in Pursuit of one’s Potential on one’s Personal Path”.

I keep this on my desk as a reminder. It brings me inspiration and daily hope – a reminder that what I do, with all my heart as unto the Lord, is to build nurses who carry light to our dark world, nurses who bring a rare human light in the midst of suffering and even hopeless situations.

Nursing Self-Reflection

As I reflect on this, I wonder if my personal P’s can assist you in gaining a new perspective, and even lead you to hope for a better career in nursing? Stop for a moment and self-reflect. What is it you need to gain or sustain inspiration and hope for a better future for yourself in nursing? I will ask that question again at the end of this writing – along with another thought-provoking question.

Ruth’s P’s

Let’s take a closer look at each of the P’s, below, all of which are part of an interlinked process of personal and professional growth with forward momentum.

Purpose – your life inspiration, meaning, and sense of belonging, tied to unknown Potential.

Passion – this is your “wow” – what is the deep desire of your heart with the Power to inspire

Plan – what Preparation Path leads to fulfillment of Passion and Purpose to unleash Potential

Preparation – working your Plan!

Progressive Power – acquiring progressive knowledge and Personal and Professional skill
                                    to empower through competency to become and live your Potential

Production – readiness to lead through competency derived from knowledge, skill, and
                       Personal growth

Perseverance – growing and reaching Potential requires mental toughness and resiliency

Profit – Payoff in monetary or other benefit/reward for Production, Perseverance, Personal
              growth; includes a sense of achievement and pride in your work

Promotion – recognition and advancement on the Path to reaching Potential

Pursuit – life’s nursing journey – it all counts – everything deemed good or bad is
                important to achievement and growth on your Personal Path

Potential – from beginning awareness of your unique contribution and destiny in life to what is

                    revealed as life’s nursing journey continues

Personal Path – your chosen life’s nursing journey, planned and unplanned

Nursing Journey

Now, back to the question I asked earlier PLUS one more…. What is it you need to gain or sustain inspiration and hope for a better future for yourself in nursing? Looking at the P’s above – and there are a lot of them – ask yourself, am I stuck any point? What happened along the journey or life’s personal path that may have contributed to this? Are you demoralized, detached, disconnected, or something else which has become a state of hopelessness and helplessness about the future? Identifying where you get stuck at any point on the path is a great start. Engaging in a period of reflection on the P’s can lead to a forward path, and maybe preparation, which can then propel you toward a future in nursing with much to offer.

I wish you the best on this journey forward!

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