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What Kinds of Degrees Can You Get Online?

What Kinds of Degrees Can You Get Online?

You’ve been sensing it, and it’s time. Time to finally pursue your goal of getting a bachelor’s degree or up your career opportunities with a master’s degree. But where do you begin? Start by looking at your online learning options. You know that as an adult, life doesn’t stop when you go back to school. You still have to pay the bills and maintain your responsibilities at work and at home. What you need is a school that provides convenience and flexibility.

Benefits of an Online Degree

The online undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees offered through Ottawa University give you the convenience and flexibility to work and care for your family while you finish school.

Take advantage of the expansive benefits of online learning:

  • Earn a degree at your own pace
  • Choose from a myriad of degree options
  • Complete courses in convenient 8-week terms
  • Gain access to a robust career network
  • Do coursework on your schedule
  • Transfer the maximum prior school credits
  • Utilize financial aid and concurrent course options where available

Colleges With Online Degrees

One concern that often plagues potential students is the credibility of online programs. Are colleges with online degrees accredited? The good news is that many are, but its best to do your research and be aware of the common myths of online learning. Find an accredited school that offers accredited online degrees, as many employers will not recognize degrees earned through a non-accredited program.

Undergraduate Degrees

Ottawa University has a robust selection of undergraduate degrees, including accounting, business administration, communication, English, psychology, public safety, and secondary education. Consider other online bachelor’s degree options offered by OU:

Computer Science Degree

The future business environment will be characterized by rapid technological changes, intense global competition, faster product life cycles, and specialized markets. As such, the computing and information needs of organizations will be increasingly complex. OU’s online Computer Science degree provides graduates with the foundation, proficiency, and confidence in processes to become computer programmers and systems analysts that can design and develop computer and information technology products, design and build information systems, manage sophisticated information resources, work on interdisciplinary teams, and communicate effectively. Graduates will be equipped to enter computer science careers in business, education, game theory, modeling, health, information security, life sciences, manufacturing, and other related industries, with highly competitive salaries.

Computer Science Concentrations

Health Care Management Degrees

Medical and health services managers plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of health care. These workers are either specialists in charge of a specific clinical department or generalists who manage an entire facility or system. Ottawa University offers both a non clinical and clinical track for the undergraduate health care management program.

Non Clinical Track

The Non Clinical Degree in Health Care helps business professionals understand health management systems and gain the organizational insight and managerial ability needed to pursue positions of leadership or management of health care organizations.

Clinical Track

The Clinical Degree in Health Care, on the other hand, enables those who currently have a registry or license (for example, a radiologist, occupational therapist or registered nurse) to transfer in a minimum of 30 hours of clinical/laboratory coursework and then complete the necessary core courses to earn the degree.

The following concentrations are offered for both tracks:

Human Resources Degree

In the past, human resources specialists performed the administrative function of an organization, such as handling employee benefits questions or recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff. Today’s human resources specialists manage these tasks, but, increasingly, they also consult with top executives regarding strategic planning. They have moved from behind-the-scenes staff to leading the company in suggesting and changing policies. OU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources prepares graduates to step into this higher-functioning role.

Our Human Resources degree offers several concentrations that allow you to tailor your degree: 

Human Services Degree

Students in the online Bachelor of Arts in Human and Social Services program learn to help people cope with personal challenges such as poverty, substance abuse, mental health, and relational crisis. Students gain abilities in program implementation, client interviewing, cultural competence, data gathering, counseling, consulting, and case management. The online degree is highly versatile, providing the foundation for working with teens, adults, families, the elderly or nearly any other service population. Internship opportunities provide students with hands-on experience prior to graduation, which can lead to jobs in such settings as hospitals, community organizations, public welfare agencies, and private clinics. 

Nursing Degree

OU’s accelerated nursing program (8-week courses) builds on real-world experiences in a 100% online setting. Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) program is designed for the current RN who has graduated from an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or diploma program and who is ready to advance his or her career in nursing, increase earning potential, and make a difference in the ever-changing health care field. Ottawa University conveniently offers our Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) and RN-MSN Bridge Program, which provide a seamless academic progression for nurses.

Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP)

Students associated with our partner institutions in Arizona, Kansas, Indiana, or Missouri can take advantage of the Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP), which allows nursing students to complete coursework for an Associate Degree in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science (BSN) in Nursing at the same time.

RN-MSN Bridge Program

Similarly, OU’s RN-MSN Bridge Program allows nursing students to enroll in specific graduate level courses in substitute for three undergraduate-level courses, thus accelerating completion of the MSN and reducing overall costs.

Graduate Degrees

When it comes to graduate degrees, Ottawa University also has numerous offerings, including the popular options below.

Accounting Degree

Ottawa University’s online Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree is open to all students, regardless of the undergraduate degree they earned. Completion of the 30-hour program will prepare students for careers as professional accountants in public practice, industry, government, and not-for-profit organizations while helping meet the 150-hour educational requirement for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in most states. Graduates will acquire the conceptual framework to measure and report on an organization’s financial health, as well as help make informed corporate decisions using robust accounting knowledge and strong analytical, written and oral communication skills. OU uniquely offers a concurrent degree program for students wanting to complete both their bachelor’s degree in accounting and their MAcc at the same time in just five years!

MBA Degree

With working professionals in mind, OU’s three-module, 36-hour Master of Business Administration program can be completed 100% online. The core curriculum of the MBA’s advanced study in business emphasizes a global perspective on business, incorporates personal values and professional ethics, provides the real-world education and problem-solving skills needed to lead an organization into the future, and includes direct application to your current and future career goals. Ottawa University offers eight MBA concentrations to help you personalize your graduate education.

Counseling Degree

Counselors work in diverse community settings providing a variety of counseling, rehabilitation and support services. Their duties vary greatly as there are many areas a counselor may choose to specialize in, ranging from arts therapy to trauma counseling, and more. Ottawa University’s Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) hybrid degree program includes 39 credit hours of online core classes along with nine credit hours of field placement experience (900 client contact hours) that will prepare students to take the state licensure test. The hybrid MAC degree meets the educational requirements in Arizona for licensure as an associate counselor, and in Wisconsin for licensure as a professional counselor in training.

Students can train in a specialty area by completing one of four concentrations:

• Christian Counseling
• Expressive Arts Therapy
• Gerocounseling
• Treatment of Trauma Abuse & Deprivation

Education Degree

The future of education depends on strong leaders across all areas of this field – from teachers to administrators to specialized roles, such as school psychologists and guidance counselors. A prerequisite for many education positions, OU’s Master of Arts in Education (MAED) gives educators the knowledge and skills to inspire and encourage a love of learning along with the teaching methodologies to handle diverse classrooms and learning styles. The program prepares educators to make work in the education field more effective and efficient and to conduct research in a number of areas related to education.

With pathways for Kansas licensure and Arizona certification, the 36-hour program of study consists of foundation (including a master’s research project), concentration, and elective courses (in some programs). The MAED candidates focus their learning in one of five concentration areas:

Nursing Degree

Ottawa University’s innovative online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree empowers graduates to become servant leaders in the nursing profession, improving health outcomes for individuals, families, groups, and communities in diverse population settings. Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), our MSN is your opportunity to help assuage the forecasted nursing shortage while simultaneously boosting your career opportunities and salary. OU’s two MSN concentrations can help give you extra credentials and earning potential to fill such trusting roles such as Clinical Nurse Leader, Certified Nurse Educator, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, and Nurse Administrator.

Take a closer look at our graduate level Nursing Concentrations:

Now is the Time!

With so many online degree options, there’s no time like today to start achieving your career goals. As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Our enrollment advisors are conveniently located at campus locations in Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Phoenix and are prepared to help you take that first step toward your educational journey!


Posted: 03/02/2022 by OU Online
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