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Bachelor in Pre-Professional (Pre-Med) | Undergraduate Degree Program

Bachelor in Pre-Professional (Pre-Med)

The health professions are a growing field, with careers as medical doctors, dentists, physician assistants, pharmacists, medical technologists, nurses, laboratory researchers, and many others. Professional schools are looking for college graduates who help patients with personal, social and spiritual problems, in addition to their physical well-being. Ottawa University’s broad, comprehensive pre-professional programs prepare students for medical school, dental school, and a full range of other demanding programs within the health professions, and for graduate degrees (Master's and PhD). All professional degree programs expect students to come with a breadth of exposure to chemistry, physics, and mathematics and foundation courses in biology (genetics, ecology, microbiology, zoology, and human anatomy and physiology). The pre-professional major is a demanding program that prepares committed, diligent students for the career of their choice. Through the skilled assistance of professors in the department of natural science and mathematics, who are also academic advisors, students develop a “custom” course program from this full spectrum of science offerings to prepare them for their desired career.

University Accreditation

Ottawa University, as a whole, is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Specific degree programs within our institution have also been accredited by relevant bodies within the field:

We are proudly recognized for our commitment to student excellence by the following designations:

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