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Yes. There are actually three accounts. The "meals" account is what your student uses in the Gibson Student Center's Hetrick Bistro to access his/her dining club membership.

The "dining dollars" account has funds pre-loaded based on which dining club membership your student selected. Thos funds can be used in the Bistro and any unused funds remaining at the end of the academic year will be eliminated.

The "Braves cash" account is the most flexible, as it can be used for print/copy, vending and laudry services on campus, as well as in the University Bookstore. Additional funds can be added to this account throughout the year.

If you have questions about the Braves Card, please contact the Office of Student Life at 785-248-2313.

Yes, vegetarian offerings are provided. In addition, we work closely with the coaching staff to ensure meals are available to athletes when traveling, as well as with regular practice times.

Special meal events are always relayed to the coaches to ensure students don’t miss these opportunities, such as Thanksgiving Dinner.

We also work with the campus nurse to provide meals for those who are sick that may have particular needs, such as jello, rice, etc.

By that date, you and your student must be financially cleared. This means that all financial aid documents must be complete.

In addition, if there is a balance due, we ask you to work with the University to determine a plan of action for the balance to be taken care of prior to this date.Options include, but are not limited to:

  • cash / check / credit card
  • interest-free payment plans that begin as early as June
  • parent loans or alternative loans

If you are planning to sign-up for a payment plan, the appropriate arrangements need to be made prior to this date. It is an interest-free service that has a $70 sign-up fee and offers a variety of payment plan options.

Students are not permitted to check into the residence halls, attend class or participate in any activities or practices until they are financially cleared.

If you need assistance with dietary accommodations, contact the Office of Student Life by calling us at 785-248-2313.

If you are interested in catering services, please contact the General Manager at or visit online at

Depending on how the FERPA (see above) is completed, the University is not permitted to provide information to parents or other individuals without the consent of the student.

Students have access to their mid-term and final grades through the OU student portal. In order to access this information, a student must have a username and password.

If you choose to do so, your student may provide you that username and password, but the University will not provide that information to parents.

Payments can be mailed (attn Accounts Receivable), hand-delivered, or made through your student's MyOttawa portal account.

Once you log-in, you will want to click:

  • "Students"
  • "Financial Information"
  • "Course and Fee Statement"
  • "Set Options"
  • select "Undergraduate," "Fall," "2022"
  • "Submit Options"

The cost of books and supplies can vary from $200 to $500 per semester.

It could be both. Students are required to meet with their Adawe advisor on a regular basis, but can also schedule meetings as needed. The Adawe LifePlan Center advisors will sometimes visit a class—like First Year Seminar—and that serves as the meeting.

If your child has disabilities of any sort, please do not hesitate to let us know as we have services to assist with that as well.

You can contact the Office of Student Life at 785-248-2313.

Students sign a FERPA statement that protects their privacy. Depending on what items are checked on that form, parents have little to no access to information surrounding financial aid/finances, grades, etc.

The agreement goes into effect the first day of attendance.

Remember that students are able to change their preferences on that form at any time while enrolled with the University.

The FERPA details are maintained in the Office of the Registrar in the Administration Building. In order to sign and/or make adjustments to their form, students should visit that office during regular work hours.

The Braves Card is an ID and access card, a dining club membership card, and a declining balance card for purchases.

Braves Cash can be added online to a Braves Card by checking account or credit/debit card with no fees from the sytem or University. Online transactions are performed at

As a parent/guardian, you may add Braves Cash to your student’s card. All you will need is his or her student ID number and his or her birth date, as well as the account information you will be adding money from.

You can also setup an automatic reload schedule, so funds are added when the balance drops below a specific amount, or on a particular day of the week or month.

There is also a ATM machine in the Gangwish Library near the north entrance. Or come by the Business Office on the second floor of Tauy Jones Hall between 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

If you have questions about the Braves Card, please contact the Office of Student Life at 785-248-2313.

Security patrols the campus 24-7, and when asked, students say they feel safe walking alone at night. The campus is well-lit and students can always call security to be escorted around campus if they ever feel uncomfortable.

Bank Midwest in Ottawa has an agreement to cash checks for OU students, as long as they show a valid OU identification. In addition, they service the on-campus ATM located in the Gangwish Library near the north entrance.

There are a variety of other banks available around town, including Arvest Bank, Bank of the West, Garnett State Savings Bank, Great Southern Bank, Kansas State Bank, and Bank Midwest.

All OU meal plans are priced at one level to give the students adequate options without cost being an issue. This breaks out to varying amounts of “Flex-Dollars” available within a semester to be spent in the Snack Bar.

Meal plans come in three levels: the Platinum Dining Club Membership provides a student with 26 swipes and $400 in dining dollars (to be used throughout the semester); the Gold Dining Club Membership provides a student with 21 swipes and $300 in dining dollars (to be used throughout the semester); the Silver Dining Club Membership provides a student with 14 swipes per week and $200 in dining dollars (to be used throughout the semester); the last option is the Bronze Dining Club Membership which provides a student with 100 swipes that are good for the entire fall or spring semester and $100 in dining dollars (to be used throughout the semester).

Letting the Office of Financial Aid know between June 1 and June 15 is best. This allows you time to determine if there are outside sources for scholarship monies prior to finalizing the loan papers. This also allows the final numbers provided in mid-July to be more accurate of the final amount due.

Fall Family Weekend happens annually in the fall. Registration can be made at each year. 

Students will receive information about Fall Family Weekend dates, registration deadlines and more through the Summertime and Braves Camp Newsletters that are sent out each summer!

The financial clearance deadline for the Fall semester is August 1. The financial clearance deadline for the spring semester is due January 1.

If you are an incoming first year student, please work with the Family Financial Planner to determine your financial game plan.

Once you are a student at Ottawa University, you will work directly with the Office of Financial Aid at 785-248-2345 and the Accounts Receivable Office at 785-229-1010.

There are some processing fees associated for some loans. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance at 785-248-2345.

This is typically available the first week of July and will be posted on the MyOttawa portal. Students must complete their housing priority paperwork.

Anyone involved in one of our 33 athletic teams are required to pay a participation fee. The cost is approximately $500 that is charged in the fall semester (regardless of when the actual athletic season is) and is valid for a full year.

We are not able to call you if your student is not attending class. However, attendance is being taken on a daily basis. If a student misses class on a regular basis, an advisor will reach out to determine if there might be an obstacle preventing them from attending.

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