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Ottawa University provides a variety of parking options for our students, faculty, staff and guests. Lots are located throughout campus, while some are designated for use by employees and visitors.

Parking permits are distributed at no extra charge to OU students. 

All automobiles and motorcycles driven by students, faculty and staff must be registered. Registrations must be renewed ANNUALLY in the Office of Student Affairs.

 All permits must be displayed on the outside back driver’s side window.

If your permit is damaged, please obtain a replacement permit, free of charge, from the Office of Student Affairs.  It is not acceptable to place your permit in any other location other than on the outside back driver’s side window.  Please do not tape it to the inside of the window.

Temporary parking permits are available in the Office of Student Affairs.  Temporary permits are available for students, faculty and staff who are driving a vehicle, other than what is registered in the university's system, for only a short period of time. 

If you are concerned your vehicle will get a ticket before you are able to get a temporary parking permit, please contact Security in order to let them know of your unique situation.

There are a variety of locations within various University parking lots that are designated for guests. No permits are required for parking in those spaces.

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