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FlexTerm Scheduling

FlexTerm Scheduling

The OU FlexTerm allows our students to focus on their education, as well as expedite the completion of their bachelor's degree, by offering options that allow students to create their own personalized course schedule, catering to their learning preferences and timetable.

Focused Learning

With the FlexTerm advantage, students have the ability to take a course they may need more assistance in and complete it within four or eight weeks with more intense work OR spread it out over 16 weeks and have less work at one time and possibly more time to work directly with a Faculty Mentor.


Sometimes within an academic year you might be more involved in activities (varsity sport, internship, mission trip, etc.), and our unique FlexTerm schedule allows you to adjust your course load to dedicate more time for those other commitments.

How Does It Work?

Ottawa University students have the ability to enroll in courses in any of our eight starts throughout the year. This includes 4-, 8- and 16-week terms.

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