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Housing and Meal Plan Policies


Ottawa University prides itself on providing a place where our students want to live. The Residence Life staff takes the time to provide a safe, living learning community focused on cornerstone programming efforts which are congruent to our University mission and vision. Students gain more than just a place to sleep and learn/study; they are provided a place of full of programming, tutoring, socializing, counseling, emotional support, discipline, leadership skills acquisition, and opportunities to grow and develop to be contributing members of society in their own life of significance. 

The security of our residents and facilities is important to us. The residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. Students gain access into their residence hall with their own personal student ID card. A security phone is located in the foyer of each hall for emergencies.

Students living in the residence halls must be registered in 12 semester credit hours unless approved by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Children under the age of 18, who are not enrolled, are not permitted to live in the residence halls. Students over the age of 24 are not permitted to reside in the residence halls.


Off-campus Housing Policy

Any full-time student who meets one of the following criteria may apply to live off-campus:

  1. is married (verification may be required);
  2. has dependent children as defined by Federal Regulations;
  3. is 21 years of age by August 31 (fall) or January 31 (spring);
  4. will be classified as a senior (92+ semester credit hours) prior to the start of the entering term/semester. Applications willl be considered pending until status is verified;
  5. plans to live with a parent and/or legal guardian within a one-hour drive of the Ottawa University campus (Ottawa, Kansas). Verification forms must be on file. PLEASE NOTE: If a student does not meet the age requirement, or does not have senior status, the student's institutional aid will be reduced. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for details on the reduction amount.

Meal Plan Policy

All students are required to purchase a meal plan. First Year students who live in University-sponsored housing are required to have the all access meal plan their first year in attendance. For each year thereafter, returning students living on campus can choose either the all access or 225-block meal plan. All other students, including those who meet the requirements to live off campus, may select any of the available meal plans.

  • All Access Meal Plan: Unlimited meals for the student; includes $100 dining dollars per semester.
  • 225-block Meal Plan: Provides 225 meals per semester; includes $75 dining dollars per semester.
  • 100-block Meal Plan: Provides 100 meals per semester; includes $75 dining dollars per semester.


Break Housing Policy

Wanting to Stay in the Halls over Break?

The following situations are accepted as valid extenuating circumstances for staying over a break.

  • Athletic Obligations with Coach Approval (no charge)
  • International Students (no charge)
  • Home is more than 800 miles from campus (no charge)
    This does not apply to Christmas, Spring and Summer Breaks.

The following situations are typically NOT accepted as valid extenuating circumstances for staying over a break.  

  • “I don’t have the desire to go home.”
  • “I don’t have a car to get home.”
  • “I have to work in town over the break.”
  • “There is no room for me at my family’s house.”

These students will be charged $50 per night to stay in the residence halls.

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