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Bachelor in Pre-Professional (Pre-Ministerial) | Undergraduate Degree Program

Bachelor in Pre-Professional (Pre-Ministerial)

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Pre-Ministerial Program

Study for the ministry does not presuppose any particular undergraduate course of study. In addition to a sense of vocation for the ministry, most seminaries are more concerned with whether an applicant has acquired a broad background of knowledge and the skills of communication and critical thinking than with their undergraduate major. As a result, students may attend seminary having pursued virtually any area of concentration. It is clear, however, that some majors may be more helpful to seminary studies than others, and pre-ministerial students are urged to choose a course of study that will enhance their effectiveness both in seminary and in the ministry. Thus, pre-ministerial students often major in Psychology, Sociology, English, Human Services, Philosophy, or Religion (though some seminaries discourage applicants from an undergraduate major in religion, since so much of that study will be duplicated in their seminary training). In keeping with the need for a broad background of knowledge, pre-ministerial students are urged to be sure that they have an adequate introduction to the major areas of liberal arts study and, in particular, to the disciplines dealing with the study of society, government, economics, ethics, philosophy, literature, human behavior, and the arts. In addition, pre-ministerial students are encouraged to acquire particular kinds of managerial and interpersonal skills that will be of use in their ministry and, therefore, should consider the following courses as especially relevant to their pre-ministerial program, regardless of their particular major.

Courses to Consider for the Pre-Ministerial Program

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