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Health and Safety

Health and safety inspections  occur every 3-4 weeks during the academic year. Dates of inspection are posted in each of the halls at the beginning of the semester and  also appear on Bright Signs throughout campus as the inspection dates grow near.

The Residence Life Staff will look for the following information:

  • No trash is present
    All trash has been taken to the dumpster and trash cans in suites are empty.
  • Overall room scent
    There should not be a dirty laundry, body odor, trash, feed, food, etc. smell within the room/hall.
  • Beds are made, laundry is in a basket or put away
  • No Clutter on surfaces
  • No directy or Hetrick Bistro dishes are present
  • Floor swept/mopped
    Vacuum, if applicable.
  • All surfaces are wiped down
    This includes desks, dressers, shelves, counters, no streaks on mirrors, shower/tub, etc.
  • Toilet is clean
    If applicable
  • No fire hazards are present
    This includes extension cords, candles, obstructed entrance/exits, etc. 
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