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For your convenience, we have developed this interactive worksheet to help you plan your college expenses. Full-time fixed billable charges for tuition and student benefit fees are included. Add residence hall/meal plan and insurance charges, if applicable. Please note that insurance charges are current estimates, exact amounts may vary. Books are not included in billable charges, although you may want to budget $200 -$500 per semester as an estimate. If you are attending one semester only, take 1/2 the fixed charges but include the entire insurance charges, if needed. The difference between the charges and aid is the amount owed to the University. A negative number indicates you may receive a refund. For questions regarding your financial aid awards, contact the Financial Aid Office at 800-755-5200, ext. 4.

This is an estimate only. Actual amounts may vary due to loan fees, course fees, tuition rates, etc.

Click on an item's name for a detailed description. Annual Cost Fall Cost Spring Cost
Tuition Actual costs and awards will vary if enrolled less than full-time
Books / Supplies
Student Fees
Residence Hall
Meal Plan
Participation Fee
Health Insurance
Other Costs
Total Estimate of Charges
Refer to your award letter for the following information
Subsidized Stafford Loan
Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
Plus / Private Loan
Total Estimated Financial Aid
Balance Due to Ottawa University
* Actual costs and awards will vary if enrolled less than full-time
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