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Student Activities


Intramural Sports are just one of the ways to get involved on campus. OUAZ offers an array of intramural sport activities to facilitate not only your social development, but your physical development as well. We believe intramural sports are not only a great way to get the physical exercise that your body needs, but also a great way to develop as a leader among your peers.

Who Can Participate:

Any current, traditional students! All games are co-ed!

OU Activities Board (OUAB)


  • Ottawa University Activities Board (OUAB) is a student-led organization devoted to planning and executing new and different events as well as traditional programs for students during the academic year.
  • The Board encourages student engagement on campus, creativity in planning, and excellence in event implementation.
  • OUAB events seek to enhance the college experience by providing students with entertaining, educational, and/or enriching programs.
  • ALL students are encouraged to attend OUAB events.


  • Inspire campus pride and build a positive inclusive community by creating an active, educational, and enjoyable environment for students.

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Student Government


  • The OUAZ Student Senate is the officially recognized representative of Ottawa University AZ’s student voice.
  • The Senate serves as a liaison between the students and the administration, faculty, and staff.
  • The Senate is committed to establishing avenues for student involvement in university affairs, acting as servants to the student body, and being the representatives of our constituents.


  • The Student Senate will provide a representative, influential, respectful, clear, and credible voice on behalf of the students of OUAZ.

Scholarship Activities

Be a participant, not just a spectator. Join the OUAZ family and you will have the opportunity to earn scholarships by getting involved in club sports and organizations to fulfill your personal goals and passions.

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