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OUAZ Theatre

Lauren Frazier was named director of the new OUAZ Theatre program in Janaury of 2021.  Dr. Dennis Tyner is the faculty sponsor for the program and an active participant in the productions!

Lauren Frazier

Lauren Frazier

OUAZ Theatre Program Director

Dennis J. Tyner, PhD

Dennis J. Tyner, PhD

President, OUAZ
Professor of Science


The OUAZ Theatre Program, is a proud new member to the Ottawa University Surprise Campus.

We are creating a home for students who are earning their college degree, an opportunity to actively lend their talents (both on stage and off) to create live theatre. OUAZ Theatre is an inclusive group that celebrates the many diverse gifts of its members, encourages development in new areas of production and invites community engagement.

Each season, we will produce a diverse selection of musicals and plays.

Producing these shows would not be possible without the wonderful support from our Patrons. Your generous donations will help the theatre program in covering the expenses it takes to produce the shows.

With your support, we will encourage these students' success in not only earning their degree, but celebrate their love and devoation to theatre, wihile creating community ties and making the OUAZ and the city of Surprise a place where the performing arts will thrive.

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Thank you for your support! See you at the show!

The OUAZ Theater Program allows students to hone their skills in the performing arts, both onstage and off, and prepares them for a professional career in the entertainment industry.

Our inclusive program encourages personal growth and branding, understanding the ins and outs of the industry, introduction to a multitude of departments (costuming, directing, producing, public relations, distribution, etc.) across the breadth of the entertainment industry, and mastery of performance. By partnering with local theaters, and mentorship with industry professionals, our musical theater program creates the future of Hollywood, Broadway, and beyond.

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