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The Spirit Card is an ID and access card,and declining balance card for purchases called “Spirit Bucks.” 

The "meals" account is what your student uses in the Hetrick Spirit Canteen to access his/her dining club membership.

The "Spirit Bucks" account is the most flexible and can be used at Café 60. Additional funds can be added to this account throughout the year.

If you have questions about the Spirit Card, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 623.233.7543


Please reach out to Student Affairs and their office will get you in touch with Jennifer Kramer
General Manager | Dining Services – Ottawa University Arizona | American Dining Creations


Students sign a FERPA statement that protects their privacy. Depending on what items are checked on that form, parents have little to no access to information surrounding financial aid/finances, grades, etc.

The agreement goes into effect the first day of attendance.

Remember that students are able to change their preferences on that form at any time while enrolled with the University.

The FERPA details are maintained in the Office of the Registrar in Founders Hall. In order to sign and/or make adjustments to their form, students should visit that office during regular work hours.


Depending on how the FERPA (see above) is completed, the University is not permitted to provide information to parents or other individuals without the consent of the student.

Students have access to their mid-term and final grades through the MyOttawa student portal account. In order to access this information, a student must have a username and password.

If you choose to do so, your student may provide you that username and password, but the University will not provide that information to parents.

Payments can be mailed (attn Accounts Receivable), hand-delivered, or made through your student's MyOttawa portal account.

Once you log-in, you will want to click:

  • "Students"
  • "Financial Information"
  • "Course and Fee Statement"
  • "Set Options"
  •   select "Undergraduate," "Fall," "20**"
  • "Submit Options"

The cost of books and supplies can vary from $200 to $500 per semester.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid between June 1 and June 15 is ideal. This allows you time to determine if there are outside sources for scholarship monies prior to finalizing the loan papers. This also allows the final numbers provided in mid-July to be more accurate of the final amount due. .

The financial clearance deadline for the Fall semester is August 1. The financial clearance deadline for the spring semester is due January 1.

If you are an incoming first year student, please work with the Family Financial Planner to determine your financial game plan.

Once you are a student at Ottawa University, you will work directly with the Office of Financial Aid at 623.233.7560 and the Accounts Receivable Office at 623.233.7633

There are some processing fees associated for some loans. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance at 623.233.7560.

Campus Safety and Security patrols the campus 24-7. The campus is well-lit, and there are blue light emergency phones surrounding campus.  Students can always call campus safety and security to be escorted around campus if they ever feel uncomfortable. Campus Safety and Security 24-hour line is 623.546.1666

Students interested in living on campus for the upcoming year must submit an online housing application through the Adirondack Housing Portal that can be found on

No storage of personal belongings is available to students.

Yes, the OUAZ Counseling Center serves the OUAZ Surprise residential campus. Our mental health counselor is Ralitsa Wierson, MA LPC.

The service is Free and Confidential.

To schedule a counseling appointment:

We provide consultation, short-term counseling and needed referrals; as well as advocacy, training and education. We support students experiencing the stresses of daily life as well as those who meet criteria for mental health disorders and may benefit from being connected to off-campus resources such as psychiatry, longer-term therapy, or specialized treatment. 

For more information regarding our OUAZ Counseling Center, please visit:

Adawe Mentors help students navigate their OUAZ Surprise journey by Listening, Asking, Guiding, & Empowering. Every undergraduate student is assigned an Adawe Mentor when they first enroll at OUAZ Surprise.

We’re here to help you figure things out. Whatever challenges, opportunities or obstacles you may face throughout the course of your educational experience, your Adawe Mentor can direct you to the resources, support, challenges and encouragement you need to reach your goals. Part guide, part cheerleader, we are here help smooth the bumps and celebrate the wins that will come with your OUAZ Surprise adventure.

For more information regarding the Adawe Center, please visit:

Ottawa University Arizona

Attention: Student Name

15950 N. Civic Center Plaza

Surprise, AZ 85374-7464


Any packages sent to the student will be delivered to the Fan Shop located within the Union. The Fan Shop will then notify the student via email that the student has a package.

You can contact the Office of Student Affairs at

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