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Campus Ministries at OUAZ


Ottawa University Campus Ministry Office exists to cultivate an environment in which faculty, staff and students learn to love Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.


Whether you are a student hearing the Gospel for the first time or one who wants to grow deeper in your faith, OUAZ encourages students to develop a Christian perspective of truth and life.

Message for Campus Ministries

In today’s increasingly challenging and complex world, higher learning in a Christ-inspired community is more essential than ever. If God has brought you to OUAZ, it is not solely to be in a Christian community, nor is it only to be a student. It is for both experiences as they are foundational for the way God wants to equip you for a life of serving Him and others. It is OUAZ’s desire to encourage you toward increasing spiritual growth, offer spiritual care, provides opportunities for discipleship-focused relationships, and to increase understanding of the relationship between scholarship and discipleship.

Video Message from Director of Campus Ministries

Spirit Life

The primary purpose of Spirit Life is worship. At Spirit Life, we come together once per week as a Christ-inspired community to affirm our faith, to be encouraged in the Christian life, to focus our attention on God's agenda, to pray for ourselves and the world, and to give praise and thanksgiving to God. Since it is the only time that the entire student body gathers in one place, Spirit Life becomes an opportunity to build community.

Spirit Life is designed to create community and foster faith formation. Students are expected to attend 70% of the services.

  1. Students must swipe their Student ID cards at Spirit Life doors to Faith Arena which will open 20 minutes prior to the start of Spirit Life until 10 minutes after the start of Spirit Life.  Students may still arrive after the 10 minutes but will not be credited for attendance.  
  2. A student may miss up to 30% Spirit Life services per semester.  These are for all absences, whether that be for sickness, traveling with a OUAZ sponsored activity or other obligations. If you do miss more than 30%, you will be allowed to do one make up and get you back to the 30% allowed absences.  You may NOT do more than one make-up assignment.  Contact the Director of Campus Ministries at for any other issues pertaining to attendance.
  3. After 2 absences the student will receive an email to their Ottawa email address warning them that they have missed 2 Spirit Life services.
  4. If a student has not completed the Spirit Life requirements as stated above, the student will receive notification that he/she has been placed on Spirit Life probation for the following semester.  If they fail the next semester while on probation they will incur a $250 fine.  If a student fails to complete the Spirit Life requirements three consecutive semesters, a meeting the Director of Campus Ministries, and a member of the Executive Committee will be needed before that student can re-enroll.
  5. A student involved in deception of any kind as it pertains to attendance at Spirit Life will be subject to fines and/or other disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate by the Director of Campus Ministries.
  6. If a student has perfect attendance for all 13 Spirit Life services, they will be given one workshop credit the following semester.


We have multiple ways for you to connect with God and pursue spiritual growth. In all our discipleship opportunities a student is known, loved and engaged in spiritual practices centered on the Gospel.

Worship Team

This team is made up of students who are dedicated to learning more about the nature of leadership in Christian worship. This team meets weekly, and runs our worship nights, as well as helping in Spirit Life, retreats, and special events.

Partnership Ministries

Our Fellowship of Christian Athletes meet weekly to encourage our athletics population in huddle groups to grow in Christ.   Young Life is also a vibrant partner on campus meeting weekly.  Young Life College offers a fun, accepting community to be a part of while exploring or deepening your faith. 

Small group Bible Study

Out of an active student body our small group Bible Studies happen organically, both on and off campus.  Meeting weekly with the Director of Campus Ministries the campus ministry students are mentored and prepared to lead these Bible Studies. 

Local Churches

Students are encouraged to be involved in a local church during their time at OUAZ.  Information on a number of local churches is available

CCV Surprise -

City Church -

Cross Church -

Reveal Church -

The Gathering - 

Hope City

Prayer/Spiritual Care

The Director of Campus Ministries is here to support you in your spiritual formation throughout your time at OUAZ and equip you for life after graduation.

If you'd like to meet in person or have a prayer request, please email

Spirit Life Schedule

DATE Speaker

Dr. Tyner

President Ottawa University


Alan Boelter

Campus Pastor


Justin Hamilton


Phoenix Zoo


Norwood Jones Service


Brian Kruckenberg

New City Church


Joshua Pearlman

Hope City Church


Shannon Hoffpauir

Mary Shannon Ministries


OUAZ Leadership Panel

Executive Team Q & A


Mark Young

Desert Breeze Community Church


Easter Week Service


Dra Jones

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

4/19 Worship Song Countdown

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