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Most new students live Scholars Hall. This is geared towards freshmen. In addition, upperclassmen may select to live in Scholars Hall. If freshmen-only housing fills up, incoming freshmen may be placed in upperclassmen housing (i.e., Veritas Hall).

Research indicates that students who reside on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, perform stronger academically and are more likely to graduate within four years than their commuting classmates.  In addition, they have a strong support system with peers who are going through similar experiences.

Cohabitation is not permitted on OUAZ’s campus. All halls are co-ed except for the 4th floor of Scholar's Hall. Each room/suite is assigned by gender.  

You may decorate your room with fun bedding, photos of friends and family, throw pillows, rugs, etc. Check out the What to Bring section on this page for more information.

Please see the “What To Bring Page” to what items are provided by the university.

Yes, every room has air conditioning and heating. 

Your move-in time will vary based upon what term you are beginning class. Please stay tuned for an email that will direct you to your check- in/ orientation time based on your start date.

Beds have already been bunked in the necessary room, based on occupancy. Beds cannot be lofted, due to safety concerns. If you have any specific questions regarding bed situations, ask your RA for further direction upon your arrival.

No, all OUAZ-provided furniture must remain in the room and intact through the duration of your stay. Any removed or missing furniture at the end of the year will result in housing fines.

If you have extenuating circumstances that require a private room, contact Student Disability Services.


No, OUAZ does not offer student storage.  We recommend storing items at one of the many local public storage facilities.

For the purposes of maintenance, safety and security inspections of student rooms and apartments are conducted at various times during the academic year and at the beginning of vacation periods. Notices of these inspections will be posted on the door to each dwelling in advance. Staff members doing the inspections will knock before entering a residence and announce their intention to enter if no one responds before entering. When staff members enter a dwelling where none of the residents are present, there will always be at least two staff members present which may include resident assistants. During these inspections, the dwelling will be checked for maintenance and safety concerns. The staff is authorized to turn off any appliances and confiscate any prohibited appliances or equipment that pose a danger to safety. Staff is also authorized to confiscate any alcohol or illegal substances and cite residents for any policy violations. A receipt will be left informing residents of the time and date of the inspection as well as information about any confiscated items or policy violations.

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When the package or envelope arrives at the OUAZ Fan Shop, the OUAZ Fan Shop will email the student to their student email address informing the student to stop by and pick up the package or envelope.

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